Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's a Girl Silk Baby Pillows

These simple silk screen printed, "It's a Girl" Silk Baby pillows are an easy way to create some expensive looking custom baby pillow slip covers on a small budget! They make a wonderful homemade baby gift.These simple "It's a Girl" Silk Baby silk screen pillows also make a great homemade baby girl gift you can easily make.Silk printing is a great way to make a lot of prints on your silk baby pillow fabric from one piece of art.You do need a large open work surface to create silkscreen art, but beyond that, the rest for the materials are generally affordable and easy to find at any art supply store.To make your Silk Screen Printed Custom "It's a Girl" Silk Baby Pillow Covers you will need:Solid colored silk fabricNewspaperPre Made Silk-screenExacto KnifeSqueegeeVellumPencilPainter's tapeDesignFabric paint No Sew (optional)Sewing Machine (optional)The first step is to draw the desired Custom "It's a Girl!" design on vellum. You could also transfer your design by placing vellum over the Custom Baby Girl design and tracing it with a pencil. For ease you could print out your "Its a Girl!" out on your computer in a pretty font. Print them out to size and trace onto the vellum.

You can easily see through vellum by placing it on a lighted artist tables or even in a window when there is daylight outside to shine through.I like to use a script or girly font for the silk baby pillows. You can complete these designs in one step since there is only one color.Now, if your Custom "It's a Girl" Silk Baby silk screen printing pillow cover design is going to have more than one color then you will need to have more than one screen. Basically, you use one silk screen for each pastel color.Tip: Beginners may find it easier to start out only making one color and one silk screen.Now, Cut out the "It's a Girl" Baby designs on each piece of vellum with a sharp craft knife. Sort of think of this like creating a stencil. Now, you need to attach the vellum design to the back of the silk-screen with painter's tape.You can buy pre made silk screens at the art supply store. You could also build yours out of wood. Now, you need to place several paper towels or layers of newspaper print out on the work surface. This is important because you need to absorb paint. You will also need a padded work area. Place solid pillow cover fabric on top of the paper towels, and put the Custom "It's a Girl" Baby silk-screen on the silk fabric. I like to make marks on the fabric at each of the four outer corners of the silk screen. This is important if you are using multiple colors and multiple screens. You can later use these marks to line up the frame.Now pour some pastel pink silk fabric paint onto the silk-screen. You should pour this along the top edge. I recommend making a nice size puddle of paint. Next, Place the squeegee in the paint. You need to pull it slowly along the screen toward you. You need to hold the squeegee at a 45-degree angle. This is important.Once you have reached the bottom of the screen Reverse the angle of the squeegee. Push it back to the top of the silk-screen in one smooth motion.Now, remove the "It's a Girl" Baby silk screen and the squeegee. Let your wet fabric paint sit and dry completely.Sew the back onto the baby pillow front you just made. Simply face the patterns inside.Turn the Custom "It's a Girl" Silk Baby pillow cover inside out. Insert your pillow. Now, fold in the rough edges of the open side of the Custom Baby Girl pillow cover. Pin it closed with straight pins.Now, sew this side shut with a sewing machine, new sew, or by hand. Cut off any lose threads and you are finished.You can find most for the supplies your will need to create silkscreen art at the local art supply store. If you do not have an art supply store in your city, then try visiting wwww.dickblick.com or www.pearlpaint.com. Their websites are awesome and they sell everything online that they sell in their retail stores.



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