Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Blanket Pillows

Baby Blanket pillows are a sweet way to reuse all of those wonderful baby blankets your little one has acquired in the first year of their life. If you find yourself with too many Baby Blankets or you simply want to create a matching set of bedding for your baby, then try making these Baby Blankets into pillows.I love making simple pillow covers out of old Baby Blankets. You can easily sew great looking Pillow covers out of almost any old Baby Blanket. Solid colored Baby Blankets work best, but really even those with designs can look great too.Now, if you are not lucky enough to have a bunch of Baby Blankets laying around waiting to be made into these simple pillowslip covers, then try checking out your local Goodwill or thrift store. I find Baby Blankets in all shapes, sizes, and colors for $1 all the time. Wash them with a little color safe bleach and you know they are clean!Now, to Make Pillow Slipcovers Out of Old Baby Blankets You Will Need:1 - 2 Baby BlanketsSewing MachineMatching Thread

ScissorsPillow or New Pillow InsertStraight pinsNow, I like to simply first lay my baby blanket out on a table. You want the good side facing down.Now, lay your pillow onto the Baby Blankets from the bottom. Place it so that the Baby Blankets wraps around it comfortably.Now, take your straight pins and outline the Baby Blankets making sure to pin straight lines on all four sides holding it securely around the pillow.Now, I like to unpin the bottom side and slide the inserted pillow out. This is optional though. It certainly is a lot easier to sew the Baby Blankets pillow slipcover from the sweater if there is no pillow inside though.Now, sew along the top and the two sides with your sewing machine. I recommend starting at the bottom left and working my way to the bottomed right.Now, I also recommend sewing this Baby Blankets pillow slip cover with a matching thread, you will most likely be able to see the thread at some point, so pay attention to detail.Now, you should also sew these three sides at least twice. This will ensure your Baby Blankets pillowslip cover stays together. You would not want the baby blanket to unravel.Now, cut of any lose thread and trim the three sides of the Baby Blanket down to about three inches away from the lines you just sewed. Do not cut on the bottom where you have not sewn.Now, turn the Baby Blanket slipcover inside out. Insert your pillow back inside and sew it closed with your sewing machine or by hand. This is when you really do need the matching thread so it does not show up so much.Basically you are finished. If you want to sew some sweet embellishments onto the Baby Blanket pillowslip cover I recommend using another piece of a different colored Baby Blanket.Cut out a square of fabric that is about three inches bigger in each direction than the shape you want.Now, before you insert the pillow and sew the slipcover shut you want to lay your piece of accent fabric onto the front of the fabric. Use a piece of chalk to outline your design or shape. Now, use the sewing machine to sew along the chalk line. You need to bunch the other side up so you do not sew through bow sides of the pillow cover. It will keep you from inserting your pillow if you do.Now, take your scissors and trim off about ? to 1-inch away form the line you sewed outlining the shape. Remove any excess fabric then insert the pillow and sew it closed!



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