Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Types of Cribs to Buy

The crib is the crown jewel of the nursery. It is the centerpiece which will tie together the entire nursery. Cribs are an important element of the baby?s life because it is their first real home. They will spend most of their first couple of years sleeping or lying in the crib. In the past cribs were big and wooden with little room for comfort or style. Modern cribs feature trendy looks with tons of safety and comfort features for both mom and dad and baby. But, don?t mistake trendy for shoddy as most modern cribs are equally as durable as their predecessors.

Most baby cribs are made of wood, but some are made of metal or wrought iron. Medium density fiber boards are also being used in the making of cribs. There are several different types of cribs. Standard cribs offer a traditional look to the nursery and come in a variety of finishes. Convertible cribs grow with the child. They go from crib to bed and can often finish up as a full size adult bed. It is all done with the help of convertible crib rails. Sleigh cribs feature a different look and will work well in just about any nursery. Round cribs give a completely different look to the standard, rectangular shape of most other cribs. There are no nasty corners for the child to bump into with a round crib. Canopy cribs provide an elegant look which parents are often after.

Since the first few years of the child?s life will be spent in the crib it is essential to have safety elements in place. Parents need to check the rail height to ensure it is three quarters the height of the baby. An ideal distance between the lowest mattress slot and the top of the rail is 26 inches. Side slat width is also important. The pickets should be 2.38 inches and less. If the opening is wide between pickets it is likely the baby could get his head or body stuck. The sides and joints should be round and flat so no accidents occur.

While safety is at the forefront it is equally important to make life comfortable on the child. The crib mattress should be fireproof and offer a high quality fabric. The higher the spring count the more comfort for the child. Standard crib mattress can fit just about any crib. Adjustable mattress positions allow the crib to accommodate a growing child. It also improves the function of the crib. Drop down sides make life easier on the parent as it is easier to remove a sleeping child. Comfortable crib bedding should match the theme of the room and should include a quilt, crib sheet, dust ruffle, bumper and diaper stack. Blanket use and pillow use should be reserved for older children. Suffocation can occur with loose bedding and pillows.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pregnancy Insomnia

Pregnancy and the growth of the child are nothing short of a miracle. Just two cells multiply into trillions of cells and form body parts and organs. There are billions of biochemical processes that have to be just right. To support this creation, female hormones are increased and reduced in production. This causes some problems to the mother -- insomnia being one of the worst. Over three quarter of pregnant women suffer from insomnia, defined as lack of adequate sleep.

Besides hormonal imbalances, pregnancy specific causes of insomnia are - increased size of the stomach causing sleeping posture problem and uneasiness; back pain, as the back muscles have to bear the additional weight; need to urinate more frequently, as the uterus presses against the bladder and reduces the capacity; heartburn, as the stomach is also pressed; anxiety about the delivery and movement of the baby at night. The non-pregnancy specific causes like physical, mental and behavioral patterns that cause insomnia have to be ruled out.

The treatment for insomnia during pregnancy involves effecting life style changes and behavior changes. Relaxation therapy reduces anxiety. There are many relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, music and aromatherapy. The patient should have enough pillows in a large comfortable bed support her changing shape. If frequent urination is a problem, fluid intake should be restricted after late afternoon. A comfortable temperature has to be maintained and external noise should be avoided. Having a warm bath before bedtime will help. Some mild exercises like walking everyday might also help. Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine should be avoided. Taking too many naps in the daytime should be avoided. Having milk before bedtime will induce a good night?s sleep. One should not get into bed until sleepy. If the person does not sleep within a short time after getting into bed, it is better to get out of bed and do something else until feeling sleepy again.

Pregnant women should avoid using sleeping pills, as the effects have not been clinically tested for ethical reasons.

Cause Of Insomnia provides detailed information on insomnia, cause of insomnia, chronic insomnia, effects of insomnia and more. Cause Of Insomnia is affiliated with Female Impotence.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Toddler Bedding That Develops Imagination

Did you know that the toddler age is one of the most important ages for developing imagination, learning about sharing, and of course, it is the beginning of the ?mine? stage? Toddlers are now ready for a little bit of independence and want to know that some items are theirs and theirs alone. Lamb and Ivy baby bedding knows this and has created some wonderful collections with the toddler in mind.

These unique creations are not just bedding that the toddler can call his or hers but are awesome learning tools as well. He or she will be able to use their imagination and enjoy all the adventures they can go on with such Lambs and Ivy baby bedding as Peek a Boo Snoopy, Snoopy and Family, Baby Aviator, Jungle Jamboree, and Hello Kitty.

All of these adorable characters and fun objects will keep your toddler entertained while he or she plays for hours in their own room.

The Peek a Boo Snoopy Lambs and Ivy baby bedding is perfect for a boy or girl with the adorable Snoopy and Woodstock. The bedding is created with features soft luxurious velour's in sunshine yellow, spring green and sky blue and lets your child see just how much Snoopy and Woodstock care about one another as Snoopy carries Woodstock along. The collection starts with a 4-piece crib set which includes a blanket, fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow case. You can purchase other accessories such as plush blanket, drawer pulls, slip cover chair, hamper, rug, wooden growth chart, 4 by 6 inch picture frame, night light, switch plate cover, wall shelf, wall border, and window valance.

Jungle Jamboree is perfect for that little explorer boy or girl that want to explore and find animals in the jungle. This adorable baby bedding features furry textures along with velour?s and satin. Every little child would love to fall asleep with their new best friend of the jungle by their side. The collection includes a comforter, fitted sheet, top sheet, and leopard print tan with blue trim pillowcase. However, you can add other great items for your child?s safari including a decorative pillow with an appliqu?d elephant, drawer pulls, upholstered rocking chair, and musical mobile, lamp with shade, rug, hamper, picture frame, wall shelf, wall hanging, wallpaper border, and window valance.

All of these wonderful Lambs and Ivy baby bedding will give your toddler the chance to explore his own environment and even begin to pick up his clothing and put them in the hamper and pick up toys and place them on the shelf. This is the greatest way to teach your child how to care for his own things in his own room. He will take pride in learning he did by himself.

Lambs and Ivy baby bedding for toddlers and babies is a great way to help your child learn through colorful characters. They will learn what the items are by sight recognition and will enjoy putting everything back in its place, as they grow older. Giving them Lambs and Ivy baby bedding is a way of giving them their own adventures using their unique creativity and imagination.

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