Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pregnancy Insomnia

Pregnancy and the growth of the child are nothing short of a miracle. Just two cells multiply into trillions of cells and form body parts and organs. There are billions of biochemical processes that have to be just right. To support this creation, female hormones are increased and reduced in production. This causes some problems to the mother -- insomnia being one of the worst. Over three quarter of pregnant women suffer from insomnia, defined as lack of adequate sleep.

Besides hormonal imbalances, pregnancy specific causes of insomnia are - increased size of the stomach causing sleeping posture problem and uneasiness; back pain, as the back muscles have to bear the additional weight; need to urinate more frequently, as the uterus presses against the bladder and reduces the capacity; heartburn, as the stomach is also pressed; anxiety about the delivery and movement of the baby at night. The non-pregnancy specific causes like physical, mental and behavioral patterns that cause insomnia have to be ruled out.

The treatment for insomnia during pregnancy involves effecting life style changes and behavior changes. Relaxation therapy reduces anxiety. There are many relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, music and aromatherapy. The patient should have enough pillows in a large comfortable bed support her changing shape. If frequent urination is a problem, fluid intake should be restricted after late afternoon. A comfortable temperature has to be maintained and external noise should be avoided. Having a warm bath before bedtime will help. Some mild exercises like walking everyday might also help. Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine should be avoided. Taking too many naps in the daytime should be avoided. Having milk before bedtime will induce a good night?s sleep. One should not get into bed until sleepy. If the person does not sleep within a short time after getting into bed, it is better to get out of bed and do something else until feeling sleepy again.

Pregnant women should avoid using sleeping pills, as the effects have not been clinically tested for ethical reasons.

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