Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Pillow Safety

It seems normal for everyone to use a pillow when they go to sleep. You might even think it's the only way you can sleep comfortably, however, when you are talking about a baby you would be wrong to think they can't sleep without a pillow It doesn't make a lot of sense, all the crib bedding sets come with a pillow and yet the experts tell you not to put a pillow in a baby's crib. So what are the facts and what do you need to know about baby pillow safety? First of all even though most bedding sets come with pillows do not use them in a crib. Having a baby pillow in a crib increases the risk of a baby suffocating because they are unable to move away from the pillow if they should happen to end up with their face in it. How old does a baby need to be before you are able to give them that beautiful pillow that matches their crib bedding? Well unfortunately you really should wait until they are out of a crib and into a toddler bed. Doctor's also say around two years of age you can start giving a toddler a pillow if you want.

Don't be fooled, just because you find it more comfortable to sleep with a pillow it is not necessary for a baby or toddler to sleep with a pillow to be comfortable. A toddler can very easily sleep comfortably without a pillow for a few years. However, you may find they begin to think of their pillow as something that provides security more than comfort for sleeping. What do you do with that beautiful pillow that came with the crib bedding, since you can't use it now? You can do a few things with it to keep you baby safe. You can use it for tummy time while you are supervising your child on the floor. You can use it as a nursing pillow to help prop your baby up while you nurse. You could also turn it into a momento, and have it embroidered giving you a personalized baby pillow you can hand down to your baby when they get older. Even though the bedding may have come with a baby pillow please be aware of baby pillow safety and keep you baby safe by not use a baby pillow in her crib. By Jackie Lee


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